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The Law Offices of Alexander M. Dudelson was established in 2009 with a special commitment to thorough, personal client service. The firm offers rapid, responsive and reliable advocacy within the five boroughs of New York City and eastern Long Island. They are ready to assist you on all matters related to:

Determined, focused on results

The Law Offices of Alexander M. Dudelson devotes their talent and energy to securing the best possible outcomes for their clients. Whether your case requires strategic planning, negotiation or litigation in court, Attorney Dudelson possesses the knowledge, skill and tenacity to deliver staunch advocacy in pursuit of a just resolution.

Available around the clock

The Law Offices of Alexander M. Dudelson takes pride in being accessible to clients above and beyond what is normally expected. Their 24/7 responsiveness distinguishes them from other firms and highlights their commitment to client service. When you have an urgent need to speak to an attorney, theirs is the number to call. When you become a Dudelson client, you know your lawyer is always within reach, keeping you constantly updated on the progress of your case and promptly returning your phone calls and email queries.

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For immediate assistance or to schedule your free initial consultation with the Law Offices of Alexander M. Dudelson, call 718-855-5100 or contact the firm online.

Conveniently located in Brooklyn, the Law Offices of Alexander M. Dudelson serves clients throughout New York City, including The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island, and Nassau and Suffolk counties.